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Seychelles Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

Business Services Assistance for Micro & Start Ups and use of our new office premises at Providence.
Speak Out

We are the dialogue partner for policymakers on various business and economic development issues, through SCCI representatives on Board, Committees.

We shall do Surveys, issue out Press Release, organise Breakfast meetings, provide Comments on White Paper & Meeting up with policy makers with our working groups


SCCI can promote your business during the various events and our new website!

Guide Through Intricacy

MSME & Start Up- Assistance through our training schemes and connectivity with the Government
and Youth Entrepreneurship Board.


Trade Developments

Your interest are fed up in trade negotiations and influence domestic trade polices as we embark on reinforcing our role with the Trade Division and relationships with organizations such as Seychelles Licensing Authority & Fair Trading Commission.

Feel the Pulse

Providing our members with authoritative analysis of the economic environment is at the core of this endeavor. The SCCI is working with its partner Mauritius Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) to established tools and methodologies to interact with its members and the business community to gather market information and views across industry.

We will be conducting quarterly surveys to assess the level of business confidence through a synthesized indicator gauging the business sentiment among operators.

Policymakers, both Government and the Central Bank, business groups, businesses, the media and other stakeholders will look up to these indicators to make an opinion about the prevailing business climate and anticipate trends in business activity.

Broaden Horizons

Broaden Horizons through local networking, regional & international integration. Networking is a powerful force in business growth. The SCCI helps members connect and promote themselves to each other and find partners both in Seychelles and on the international markets. This will be done through our various networking evening and events.

Tap into Job Ready Skills

The SCCI identify potential candidates for employment.

The SCCI is working closely with the professional centres to ensure they develop the unique teaching culture and curriculum approach that help reduce skills mismatch and youth unemployment, whilst promoting mid-career professional development opportunities.

Members will have access to the professional center through career talks, mentoring and signing of agreements. This will also allow members to readily identify potential candidates for employment.


When disagreements occur over business transactions, alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration provide prompt and cost-effective solutions rather than.

Costly and timely judicial proceedings before State courts. The SCCI is intending to work with the Judiciary, Bar Association and Government to develop an Arbitration and Mediation Center which will invite both private and public organizations to gear up for a modern legal paradigm which delivers real economic benefits. This will be possible through funding already received.

Other Services of SCCI

Training and Workshops for your business and employees

Preferential rates for attending business forums locally and overseas

Opportunities to attend workshops and forums that is extended to the SCCI

Social Events – Business Awards, Christmas Gala, Cocktails

Networking Events

Privilege Card – that provides offers and discounts within the business community

Ability to promote your business during the various events and our new website

Business Services Assistance for Micro & Start Ups and use of our new office premises at Providence.

DIRECTORY SERVICES through our website portal