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Seychelles Chamber Of Commerce & Industry


The Seychelles Chamber of Commerce & Industry would like to express its views regarding the SCR2 tax to be levied on glass bottles effective 01 July 2018. Whilst, we recognize that one of the main contributing factors towards the introduction of this levy is pertaining to the current state of our land fill, we urge that the Government considers these views below and adopt further consultation with the private sector before announcing its final decision.

Following consultation with some of our members the SCCI recommends the following:

As a means to protecting our environment and avoid a potential increase in the cost of living, SCCI is of the view that the new measure introduced should be reconsidered as currently it feels that the increase of prices before everything is in place to recycle looks like the private sector and consumers will be paying extra for a while so that the Government can get the extra revenue to buy all the gear needed.