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Entrepreneurs put their thinking hats on

Entrepreneurs put their thinking hats on
  Admin   |     20th August 2018

In a bid to enhance entrepreneurship education in the country, the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry has organised a seminar on critical thinking for owners of start-ups as well as prospective entrepreneurs.

The seminar was held at the Eden Bleu Hotel on Saturday and was led by Caroline Callow, an occupational psychologist.

Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) chairman Oliver Bastienne explained that the seminar was a pilot project to gauge the reaction of entrepreneurs.

"We decided to start with entrepreneurs from start-ups or are thinking of setting up a business just to kind of gain their reactions because we want to bring this seminar further and I believe that it is going to work and will be something unique," said Mr Bastienne.

The uniqueness of this ‘Put On Your Thinking Hat’ seminar is that it helps entrepreneurs explore their own mental state and abilities in order to identify their weaknesses and strengths in regards to critical thinking skills.

In turn, this helps them improve on their creative and critical thinking skills to make innovative and better decisions.

“This seminar is different to other seminars because here people are engaging with one another and learning from one another.”

“When it comes to business in Seychelles we often look at the economical limitations and barriers but not at the development of entrepreneurs,” Mr Bastienne stated, although he also acknowleged the efforts being made by The Guy Morel Institute to empower entrepreneurs over the past couple of years.

According to Mr Bastienne, the three components to building an entrepreneur are: ensuring that they have the right knowledge, ensuring that they have the right skills and their behaviour.

“While the accumulation of knowledge is great, and should be encouraged, we should also held develop the right behaviours and skills in our entrepreneurs,” he stated.

Steven Roseline, who is involved in crop production, is looking into making use of aquaponics on his farm at Anse Boileau. Aquaponics is when the cultivation of plants is combined with raising of fish which provides the plants with their nutrients.

He stated that the seminar is beneficial in that it helps with evaluating how one is thinking and how to help others also assess their point of view and thoughts.

Another delegate, June Mothée, who started a business a few months ago, said: “I believe this seminar will develop my knowledge further and fill in the gaps that are lacking in order to bolster my entrepreneurial skills.”

The seminar is evidence of SCCI’s recent commitments to become more inclusive towards small entrepreneurs and small-sized businesses who, according to Mr Bastienne, forms around 80% of the local private business sector.